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We believe in the power of music and life. This power amplifies the culture that makes Toronto so unique. Our vision is to share and celebrate Toronto's culture through our events, and spread that across Canada.


in 2018


Moving to Kingston after spending our youth in Toronto, we recognized the contrast between the two cities in the way of life and vibes. We realized many of our friends missed that culture and vibes that our favourite city radiated. Six Social was founded to host events authentic to Toronto's spirit.  We hope our events bring together an energetic group that appreciate our philosophy and are ready to send it.




CakeLife (comprised of Chris Pop and Leo Zhou) are putting a fresh and original twist on existing EDM influences. Pop

and Zhou are both students in Kingston, Ontario at Queen's University. Before teaming up, they touched toes in the local electronic scene and in nearby Ottawa.

Check out their article here: 



Over the past two years, Ottawa born and raised DJ and producer, AKWA, has become a staple in its local house scene. After moving to Kingston to pursue an education at Queen's University in the fall of 2019, AKWA has begun making his mark apparent in another city. Since joining the "Six Social" team, AKWA's had the pleasure to take control of their dance floors and create unforgettable experiences. Passionate about many different genres of music, his sets can take you on a journey from techno to drum and bass while staying true to his house roots. AKWA pushes boundaries and brings new sounds to your ears every time.


Toronto-born EDM producer VERTIII (Sean Kwak) started his career at the age of 13 in Singapore learning the ropes of classical instruments and mixing music. Being a DJ through Six Social has allowed him to meet and open for household name brand artists. Sean has opened for international acts like Felix Cartel, YULTRON, and RIOTTEN. With his incredible armoury of tracks, he is known to create high energy sets with different sets of genres. VERTII plans to release a new project in the summer of 2020 so stay tuned!


With a name like BIPOLUR, you’ll never know what to expect. The two masterminds behind the name, Justin Deeley and Connor Lamont produce based on their feelings: from their expressive musical production to visual experiences, and everything in between, for a euphoric and mind-altering experience. From starting out by playing at local college parties, these two have made quite the name for themselves, and are only going up from here. They have been producing for over five years and have a lengthy list of accomplishments. BIPOLUR has played alongside international DJs including Valentino Khan, Vinai, Breathe Carolina and Dubvision to name a few. They have also played in many of the major local night clubs including Toronto’s “Phoenix Concert Theatre” and “Toronto Event Centre” Kee to Bala, Wasaga Beach, London’s “Music Hall,” and have recently headlined Toronto’s “Rebel.” BIPOLUR has many things in the works including playing at Everafter 2020. So, get your emotions ready for an experience you’ll never forget.


Born and raised in Ottawa, Cam “Avro” Cummins is hard to define musically. From big room to techno, Avro has used his diverse selection of music to move from the bedroom to the  big stage. Avro has made appearances on lineups such as Six Social’s “Aprés School,” hosted at REBEL nightclub in Toronto, as well as many other community focused events. He’s focused on illustrating a unique musical perspective and is sure to have you busting out Shazam.


DAZEYLANES, two young and passionate artists with a drive to express original and bold music. Born and raised in Oakville, ON, Simon Lewandowski and Connor Singh started their artistic journey at the age of 12. Their devotion to music has led them to perform events in various clubs downtown Toronto and Hess Village in Hamilton. DAZEYLANES focuses on creating music that combines both popular and underground vibes that will induce you into an elating and unforgettable experience. Within the past four years DAZEYLANES has produced a range of genres/sub genres such as house, experimental trap as well as modern pop to hip hop. Their versatile understanding of people’s likings has allowed them to find the perfect way to move your body and keep you on the dance floor. Keep an eye out for them they will catch you by surprise. 





Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Johnny moved to Toronto at the age of 14 by himself. As he learned more about the Toronto culture, he was amazed by the good vibes and pride that he sensed from Toronto natives. As an outgoing and social personality, Johnny soon became the go-to high school friend for the 'wys this weekend' and 'which party should we go to' messages. At Queen's University, he continued to add his energy to the first-year parties that he frequented but found the spirit of the city missing in the university town atmosphere. Using Toronto's culture as an inspiration, Johnny co-founded The Six Social to bring his memory of Toronto's party culture to Queen's. As The Six Social is expanding rapidly, Johnny hopes to deliver the best parties throughout Canada and eventually step on the international platform."




Mo is fascinated by global differences in the way of life — having been to over 29 countries, he found inspiration in notable customs and nuances that make each place unique. Mo realized that Toronto derived its individuality from the diverse collection of people and ideas that have shaped everything in the metropolis: from the streets to the cuisine. He started Six Social to preserve Toronto's party culture and transform the nightlife experience of his university friends; those who missed Toronto or hadn't experienced the city's spirit yet. He looks forward to sharing Toronto's culture on the national stage with Six Social and contributing to the city that he is proud to belong to. Currently, Mo is exploring Western Canada, and in his free time, he enjoys swimming, skiing, and completing the required hours for his helicopter license.

Martin Bantoto

Administrative Director at Queen’s

Martin is someone who loves being outside their comfort zone and pushing himself beyond what is ordinary. Whether it is high-speed longboarding, cliff jumping or skydiving, he does whatever he can to bring himself to new heights and make new memories. “My time at Six Social has been highly impactful from being a Jr. Promoter to being the Administrative Director at Queen's University. I look forward to continuing my work with the Six Social and seeing the next line of Jr. Promoters partying alongside the team”.



Operations Director at UBC

Eric is a third-year student at the University of British Columbia studying pharmacology, but he still considers Ottawa to be his home. He has been a member of Beta Theta Pi since his first year and is the current vice president of social programming. As well, he is heavily involved in the Greek community as a whole, serving on the Interfraternity council. Through his involvement with Six Social, he hopes to bring the vibrant campus life of eastern Canada to his own university.

Tessa Chiricosta

Marketing Director at Queen’s

You might recognize her as your local horse girl but she’s more than that. Born and raised in Oakville where she competed for Team Canada gymnastics before heading off to study business at Queen's University. Currently in her second year, Tessa spends most of her time studying or partying and particularly likes free swim at the arc. Tessa plans on moving somewhere warm where she can become more and more like her mom and make wine drinking her favourite pastime. Cha gheill!!



Marketing Director at Laurier

Jacey is Six Social's marketing director at Wilfrid Laurier University for Six Social. A creative and upbeat girl everyone loves to be around. She loves to cook and live an active lifestyle. Professionally her goal in life is to work in law, however running her own company (Luxe Lash Bar) has always been an interest of hers. Six Social has opened many doors for her both socially and professionally. Through Six Social she has been able to interact with people she has never would have met otherwise.




Operations Director at Laurier

Sean has been in the entertainment industry for over half a decade starting in Singapore and transitioning to Toronto. Presently at Six Social, he is the operations director at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. Working as an operations director at Six Social has enriched his party experience, and brought his social life to the next level as he is constantly meeting new people that he would never meet in everyday life. “As a company, our mission is to represent Toronto’s culture and party scene to the best of our ability and share it with you, and I bet your bottom dollar that you will see me popping off at the most popular clubs in town!”

Romario Brown

Strategy Manager at Laurier

Born in Jamaica, raised in Mississauga, Romario played in the highest league of basketball (AAU), skateboarded, and played competitive soccer before heading off to study economics and finance at Wilfrid Laurier University. Currently, in the second year of his academic studies, Romario spends most of his time studying, partying and working out. After university, Romario plans to move back to his home country, Jamaica, with plans to spend time with family and to make investments in real estate.



Operations Director at Guelph

Julian is a third-year student at the University of Guelph majoring in Real Estate. He wants to be a developer, but for now, he is focused on bringing the Six Social experience to all of you at Guelph. His drink of choice used to be vodka but now it is wine. But don’t be fooled...he can still out-party you!

jaiman Dhindsa

Operations Director at Western

 Jaiman Dhindsa, from Oakville and majoring in business at the University of Western Ontario, has built a personal brand in the GTA and London through 5+ years spent in the promotions, events, and social scene. Through ongoing experience in the nightlife and professional worlds, he has acquired and progressed with all the attributes necessary in being successful in business and entertainment. From an average sub-promoter to the head of operations for Six Social at Western, Jaiman has grown into a visionary, ready to lead Western's nightlife culture.



Communication Director at Queen’s

You might think he is your typical Chad or Brad, but there's a lot more to this New York native, raised in Oakville, ON. Cam wears his duality on his sleeve when it comes to where he's from, and his expression of music. You could find him strumming his guitar to classic acoustic tunes or firing it up on the dance floor to anything from throwbacks to the latest rap project. Studying business at Queen's, Cam plans to take his experiences to new heights. Cam hopes to one day be a stock-trading mogul making loads of cash on Wall Street. But for now, he'll continue to enjoy university life and leading junior promoters at Queen's, all while supporting his New York Yankees through thick and thin.